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Hi, and thanks for taking the time to visit the home of my aviation photography website:  


Since I can care to remember I have been submerged in aviation and willingly embraced all aviation encounters from an early age.  At the age of three, I attended my first Airshow at the former Royal Air Force station - RAF Leuchars.    I remember the Christmas of 1991, when at the age of ten,  I received a SLR camera and telephoto lens, and the subsequent attempts to photograph anything that flew.  At the age of 13, I took to the skies in a home built sports plane, and by the time work experience came along in 1996, I had arranged my own placements with the Fleet Air Arm and 819NAS, a Search and Rescue Squadron at HMS Gannet, Prestwick.  I also enjoyed experiences with the Air Traffic Controllers at both RAF Leuchars and Edinburgh Airport.  

I have been working in Aviation for 20 Years and have been extremely fortunate to have worked  alongside some amazing people, many of whom opened doors and gave me wonderful opportunities.  This allowed me to combine my passion for aviation, flying and photography together all over the world.


In 2005, I created AV8-IMAGES to catalogue my collection and experiences.  Remarkably quickly much of my work appeared in many aviation publications and I enjoyed some unique opportunities, which I will always be forever thankful for.  Some 15 Years later, I  still enjoy some great working relationships and in 2020, I have been able to work on finally showcasing my favourite aviation images.

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I am extremely thankful for you visiting, and taking the time to look through my collection of images. There is no question that dynamic aviation photography is my passion, and photographing aircraft in their natural environment is not as easy as it may sound!  

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